IMPORTANT (as of 07.29.21) : We are adjusting fees for the coming 2021-22 season. Final adjustments will be made soon!

Wisconsin Blaze provides a well rounded approach to training both boys and girl athletes. We not only make the skills but the health of our athletes a priority.


  • Member of a USA Basketball Organization
  • Uniform Jersey and Shorts
  • Competitive and/or Exposure tournaments
  • Training provided by HS coaches, and former College and Professional level athletes
  • Team Practices (Minimum 20 - Two per week)
  • Training Sessions (Minimum 5-12 - One per week)
  • Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability Program
  • Blaze website and team page
  • Blaze individual profile page
  • Blaze mobile app and communication access
  • Blaze trainers and coaches at practices
  • Blaze trainers and coaches at tournaments

IMPORTANT (as of 07.29.21) : We are adjusting fees for the coming 2021-22 season. Final adjustments will be made soon!

#Note: Athletes can start using their training sessions as soon as the program fee is paid for.  They expire in 12 months.  When used up more can be purchased.

##Note: There is a 50% down required for program fee with payment plan. Credit Card fees apply.

###Note: There is a mandatory program fundraiser that athletes must participate in to help offset Blaze expenses.  We have partnered with United Fundraising to provide quality options along with incentives back to the athletes that participate. Once final teams are formed, more information will be provided.  The Blaze program fundraiser (minimum sell $300 to raise $150) helps offset costs not covered by the program fee.  You can choose to buyout ($100) of the fundraiser. More details can be found on the Fundraising/Buyout page under our Resources tab.

####Note: Any teams wishing to do additional fundraisers (ie. for travel expenses) will be handled on a per team basis and run by team parents.

High School

9th – 11th grade Blaze
6 Tournaments

(3/4 In State + 1/2 Out of State: 3 are Exposure)


Great for athletes who:

  • Desire more training time
  • Want to continue developing skills
  • Want to be a competitor and contributor for their HS teams
  • Want to play fewer out of state tournaments
  • May or may not want to compete after High School

9th – 11th grade Blaze Inferno
7 Tournaments

(3/4 In State + 3/4 Out of State: All Exposure)


Great for athletes who:

  • Will successfully compete at the HS level
  • Will forgoe playing multiple sports in summer
  • Desire to play in college
  • Are willing to spend extra hours training
  • Will commit to traveling multiple days out of state
  • Will commit to this sport and their team
  • Need more competition
  • Desire more exposure

Additional Services

Nutrition Coaching Sessions ($500 coaching modules)
"The Path" Collegiate Recruiting System ($500, $995, $1,495, and $2,895 options)